30 March 2008

Springtime in Paris

Taylor and I were fortunate to be invited to volunteer at the 2008 Leapin Leaners and LowTops- the Jazz's annual fundraiser for children's charity. We had a grand time! While watching the silent auction tables we were able to sneak away a time or two to mingle with the players and sample a fabulous chocolate fountain. I chose my escape when Kyle Korver sat for fan pictures. Who wouldn't want a pic with the most sought after bachelor new to Utah. Nice guy too, from what I hear. So I borrowed Taylor's signature pose and cheesed as best I could. The result- a fun pic to hang next to the autographed American Idol plaque Taylor won that night and a two second flash of the picture during the halftime show that week on KJZZ during the Jazz game. (My Grandpa would have loved it!) Thanks Smitty and Linda!

26 March 2008

Preview of Coming Attraction

Taylor and I (thanks Mom for doing my part) spent many hours sorting through old photo albums and computer files looking for the appropriate pictures to reflect our years of growing up. It's not easy sometimes to see how awkward you were with big bangs and braces or to see your future husband in spandex and a blonde wig. Nevertheless we dropped off the final assortment to the videographer last week and look forward to seeing the final cuts coming soon....

For those of you who feel our video will be the blockbuster smash of the summer and can't wait, here is a preview.

How Could You Say No?

I'm suprised at how popular the dog poll has been. I can't figure out who's voting No! I thought maybe if people had a few pictures to see they might think again before denying the 'gentle giant'.

12 March 2008

Why I love Taylor!

If you have read this blog lately then you have seen the battle raging over Britney. Yes, should Britney Spears make the wedding video song list. Well, today the polls close and at last check the score was tied 15 for and 15 against. I don't know who voted in the affirmative (Taylor will only admit to a few) but I'd like to find out. Surely there is some way I can get back at you... to thank you for participating of course! However the votes finally fall, I know that my children and those to follow will never see their parents' wedding day set to Britney Spears. Tears were shed but Taylor graciously rescinded his appeal for Dear Diary. (the ballad of a girl who sees her true love for the first time- will he talk to her?) This from the man who has purchased every record she's released, not only seen but owns her low-budget film attempt 'Crossroads', and even posted her on the wall as witness to all transactions in the 'facility'. I know it was a tough give and it will hurt him for some time--but he did it for me.
That is just one reason why...I love Taylor!

02 March 2008

It's true! Easter season has begun and with it the struggle to control my consumption of Cadbury Mini-Eggs. I know I am not alone in this fight either. Many of my friends and coworkers have related their own experiences to me of Mini-Egg addiction. (Josh! A bag a day!) This is the reason I have chosen to pay respect on the blog. There's just something about that cool candy coating, or the way the smooth chocolate melts slowly in your mouth. I wish I had a handful of them now! But alas I have met my quota for the day- maybe even the week! March 23rd- Yes it is the day we celebrate Easter this year, but it is also the date grocery stores become safe again because the shelves will return to everyday sugary stock. Fortunately I have a mother who keeps an emergency stash and is willing to share! Have you had your eggs today? Can I eat yours!?