06 November 2010

October 2010

Fall is the best time of year! Here is what we've been doing... We spent a little time walking around Wheeler Farm. I had never been so I didn't realize how much there was to see and do. We enjoyed showing Graham all the farm animals. I think it will be a new family favorite.

Our annual drive up the Alpine Loop. I never know when the right time to go is for the best colors. Last year we were a little late so of course this year we went too early. Oh well, it was still beautiful. Graham didn't quite appreciate the nature this year- fortunately he will have many more chances.

Graham and I spent a few days in Washington. While there we visited Grandpa and Brandon at work building cow barns on a dairy. Graham didn't really think much of the cows. I guess he hasn't learned to appreciate steak and hamburgers yet.

Graham's first Halloween pumpkin.

Graham's first Jazz game.

Happy First Halloween for the cutest skeleton on our street!

FYI- Taylor was "windy man"