22 November 2008

I've Caught the Spirit!-- too early.

It's November 22nd and I have been listening to Christmas music for two days! I had to confess. It feels good to have this off my conscience. Why do I feel this is necessary? Well, I have judged, given dirty/disapproving looks, and even name called those who can't wait until the day after Thanksgiving to begin the Christmas season. These days Christmas begins in July and I have always felt the need to defend Thanksgiving- giving it it's due share of attention. It seems to me that people get so excited about Halloween and then Christmas that they skip over one of the best Holidays! Does anyone else feel this way? I had a weak moment- I promise I will now put my Wintersong CD (Sarah McLauglin-so good!) away for another five days and give my attention to being grateful. I'll start with a few:
1. Taylor- I had to wait a l-o-n-g time to find you and it's been worth every day!
2. Family- I'm so grateful to have a family who loves me and who has supported me in every dream and adventure. Now I get to add the Nelsons and with twice the love and support- how can I go wrong.
3. Paint Class- A new outlet for all my homemaking instincts. It's been so fun to make cute crafts for my home.
4. Quick Cooking Magazines- I love trying new dessert recipes and the last few months have been packed with em. Good thing I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and Taylor's training for the Biggest Loser- we both win!
5. Health- I've seen a lot of death lately (rough days in the ICU) and I'm glad my family and I are healthy.
I hope you take a few minutes to think of what you are grateful for- Happy Thanksgiving!

15 November 2008

Tag... we're it!

My good friend Kaley tagged us a few days ago. The rules: post the fourth picture in your fourth picture folder. Taylor and I couldn't wait the whole year to eat the wedding cake we were storing in our freezer. Each time one of us opened the freezer it would call to us. We didn't even make it 6 months! This is us eating the last piece- delicious!!! If you want to play along- I tag you!

04 November 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a few friends over on Halloween to enjoy some treats and socialize. It was fun to see everyone dressed up. We also had around 20-30 trick or treaters- and while our candy was no comparison to the neighbor's passing out bags of cereal- we enjoyed!

Chelsea Handler... Deep Inside Hollywood and her nugget Chuy. Chelsea has become one of our favorite late night shows and her sideman Chuy delivers a good punchline. If you watch the show you understand- if not, consider starting.

Miss Utah 1985 and Joe- very clever. We'll remember these for future use.

Ashley and Tyson. Cutest dairy cow in town- hope you guys had fun in Austin.

The Moss gang. Love the poodle skirts and rebel vibe. Thanks for bringing the Russian tea. Love that stuff!

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth. My jaw hit the floor when these two walked in. So funny!

Can you say Troop Beverly Hills!! Shelly Long get out the way! As in the girl scout law- Heather is trying to make the world a better place! Thanks for all your hard work and for your delicious cookies!!!

Nick was going to make an appearance as Cher, but unfortunately it will be next year!

We hope you all had a great holiday!