30 September 2010

September 2010

I have no idea where summer went so I'm just going to skip over it. September was a busy month for us with both Taylor and I getting a year older, a trip to St. George, Graham, and our annual visit to the Utah State Fair. GRex is no longer our little baby. He's off the charts in both height and weight and if you ask us he's off the charts in cuteness too. I have finally come to grips with letting him cry it out while falling asleep and it seems to be working. The first night lasted forty minutes and I nearly crawled the walls waiting for him to wear out. Fortunately the next night was only fifteen and now he is a champ going to sleep. Graham is so close to crawling and he's begun to pull himself up on anything that stands still. I'm dreading his mobility and the destruction that follows but hoping he will enjoy the freedom to roam around and explore.

We made a quick weekend trip to St George and had a fabulous time with our friends Kaley and Johnny. I wish I had taken more pictures but we did manage to get this one when we went to Tuacahn. Kaley had a contact with staff there and we had the most amazing seats on a sold-out showing of Tarzan. The reason I wish I had taken more pics is because when we got home there was a tarantula waiting for us outside the garage. I saw Arachnaphobia- I freaked and hid with Graham while Taylor, Kaley and Johnny sent it on it's way from this earth. Hopefully it wasn't a lost pet.

Summer can't end without a trip to the Utah State Fair. The people watching, carnival food, rides and arts/crafts are a must. Graham was mesmerized by the lights of the carnival. I can't wait until he's old enough to enjoy riding the rides.

Taylor and Graham checking out the "steaks"

Taylor's only birthday wish, year after year, is to attend the Miss Murray pageant. (You have to know him to understand) Fortunately Taylor has lots of friends who enjoy going as well. If we ever have a daughter you can guarantee she will one day participate- and with her father's help most likely win. Haha!

Mr. Murray

I don't know what to say. I was overcome with emotion after being crowned.

To finish off our birthdays we enjoyed a free night stay at the downtown Hilton. While downtown we...

... finally got Taylor to ride Trax for the first time. It was a short trip but I think he enjoyed it.

We walked around Temple square and the Gateway. The flowers were as pretty as I've ever seen them. I wish paying tithing included a visit from the Temple grounds crew to members homes.

Part of our free night stay included a carriage ride around downtown.

Linda and Smitty brought us black and white cookies straight from Roxys in Times Square! Taylor barely had time to snap this shot as I ate one after the other. They were amazing and worth every pound!
Well that's what we've been up to. I keep waiting for life to slow down a little. Until then we will keep enjoying!

06 September 2010


Here are pictures from our family reunion in Island Park, Idaho. We also went to Yellowstone.

Here is Melissa's shot that won the family photo competition. Out of 50 pictures this was the winner.