30 May 2011


We had the opportunity to go back to my mission in Holland and Belgium and also spend a few days in Paris with Aunt Linda and Janice. Thanks to both Grandparents for watching Graham.
We were able to spend our 3 year anniversary in Bruges Belgium. A gorgeous city

This is my signature pose. I may use it to much, but I must say it usually is a show stopper.

Classic Clydesdale pic!

The temple in Zoetermeer The Netherlands.

The tulip festival at Keukenhof. The only thing missing is the tulips. Still pretty though.

Haarlem which was my first area. Can you say the Best Two Years!

This was the first flight of 3 in Amsterdam. Almost every hotel didn't have an elevator!

This is Melissa trying to do a pose for the Bachelorette!

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Also visited the Rijksmuseum, Van Gough Museum. We also went to Hard Rock in Amsterdam as well as in Paris.

Manneken Pis in Brussels Belgium. Most people find him disappointing, but I think he is amazing.

Waterloo in Belgium. Apparently something happened here. Quite the stairs again.

Notre Dame in Paris

The Louvre home of our good friend Mona.


Here is the crew with a nice shot in front of the Eiffel Tower. We got home at 115 that morning.

The main reason I wanted to go was to go to the French Open. We saw my girl Clijsters choke and it was terrible. Almost ruined the day. Luckily my other favorite Sharapova had a comeback!