23 June 2010

Additional photos

My sister sent these to me from our recent trip to Washington. I had to show the face Graham made on his first slide. I don't think we will be going down any more any time soon. Classic.
A highlight of our trips home is riding the horse- well it's really more like walking around the pasture. Everyone lines up and gets a turn. Looks like Taylor made it first to the front of the line. We had a great time!

19 June 2010

4 Month Stats

Graham had his four month check up this week and he is 27.5 inches long (off the charts) and just under 17 pounds (85-90%) He is growing and developing so well! We are so happy to have a healthy little boy. There is nothing more amazing than watching a little person develop right before your eyes. Graham is very social- he gets so bored with just mom and dad at home. He is completely entertained with walking around Target, the mall and the zoo. I enjoy the time out of the house too. He has started to talk so much more and giggle. Two of the best sounds I've ever heard. Unfortunately Graham hasn't been the best sleeper lately. He used to go for 6-8 hour stretches at night and now he's back to getting up every 3-4 hours. When I asked Dr Bean what might be causing this she said 'he probably misses you'. Really?! I thought we would be good parents but so good that our child doesn't want to sleep. Wow! At Graham's check-up we got the green light to start introducing more foods into his diet. I have dreamed of the day that I could feed my child rice cereal. One bite for him, one for me! I used to steal the cereal from my brother when he was a baby. Loved it! I was disappointed to find out the taste wasn't as good as my memory of it. I guess my taste buds have grown up on me. Oh, well meat sticks come in a couple of months and I'm betting they will be delightful. Fortunately Graham thinks the rice cereal is delicious!

Graham has had a lot of firsts this past month. This was his first Bees game with our ward. He also had his first plane ride when we spent Memorial Day weekend in Washington. He was a good traveler and only had one minor issue with his ears while descending into Spokane.

Graham was not impressed by his first slide with Dad. The blanket is just barely covering up a very unhappy little man.

His first time mowing the lawn with Dad. We were anti-sling before Graham but we have quickly learned the best way to get anything done is with him strapped to us. He loves being part of the action.

Does this remind anyone else of the movie ET? When he's hiding in the closet with all the stuffed animals. I love this pic.

Well, that's a brief review of the last few months in our lives. Happy Father's Day to Taylor tomorrow. It's a tough job and you are handling it wonderfully!