17 September 2008

Birthday Celebration

It's been another year and we're celebrating birthdays in the Nelson home. Taylor's birthday is the 15th and mine follows close behind on the 21st. So we followed tradition and celebrated with friends for dinner at Rumbi and then an evening of talent and beauty at the Miss Murray Pageant. Taylor waits all year for this event! Here are a few pics to document the fun had by all. Kacey and Joe- regulars at the celebration
Happy Birthday Taylor! You are all invited to join the Nelson RockBand. Should be good times.

The friends were very generous! We made out like bandits! Clothes, gift certificates, candy, cash, jewelry and a fabulous purse! Thank you Leslie, Joe and Stella, Heather, Suzie, Bret, Kim and Kylie, Kristina, Caitlin, Nick, Paige, Ryan, Rob, Natalie, and Kjirsten.
This program will replace the one that's been hanging on our fridge since last year. Heidi had a great year but now it's time for a new Miss Murray to reign.
Taylor was ready to catch every bit of talent and beauty. I will never forget how disappointed he was that the girls 'actually had talent' this year.
Joe, Les, Heather and Bret waiting anxiously to see if they picked the winner. In a surprise ending the one girl we all thought would never win ran away with the crown.
Here's to a great 28 and 30!

15 September 2008

A New Hobby

While Taylor did some birthday golfing Monday morning I went to paint class with Jody. It was so fun! Not bad for my first piece I think. It looks so cute on our front door. I never thought I'd gush so much over a home decoration but I've been feeling the itch of domestication for a while now without an outlet. I already have a cute set of Christmas trees picked out for next week. Thanks for the invite Jode and thanks to the ladies in class for making me feel welcome. I think I've found a new hobby.