21 August 2009

Grant County Fair

Last week the Nelson's headed to Washington for the annual Grant County Fair. I have enjoyed this event so many times in the past I couldn't let another year go by without it. It's really nothing special, as you will see in the pictures below, but country folk like myself are easy to please.

Taylor was designated 'single rider' and went on anything the kids wanted. I think he had more fun then they did too. He rode the slide at least ten times.

Camrie, Taylor, Jessica, Bryden, Samantha, and Mikayla on the carousel.

After a few rides we toured through the livestock barns. Taylor met some friends along the way. This one made my mouth water- I love ham!

This one tried to lick Taylor's face right after I shot the pic. A little too friendly for us.

The girls talked Camrie into riding the Tidal Wave. She spent the whole ride inside Samantha's armpit. Maybe we'll try again next year.

My favorite ride at any carnival is the Zipper. I am unable to ride rides right now (wait for future post) so Taylor stepped up for me on this one. Kayley, Kelsey, Sam and Taylor had a great ride.
Taylor enjoying his first ever Spaceburger, a hamburger made like a pizza pocket. Unfortunately the combination of spaceburgers, the zipper and the fact he's getting a little older left him wanting to die for a good portion of the night.

I did make it on one ride- the Ferris Wheel.

Another reason the fair is so exciting is that they have a demolition derby. My brother Brandon has participated in it numerous times and it always delivers a good time. He was chosen to drive the flag in at the opening- the car looked great and at this point was unscratched. Too bad it doesn't last.
Waiting to be let loose on the other thirty or so cars. Brandon is such a mild mannered guy, but get him behind the wheel of a demo car and he became an animal! He got some great hits in before another car took out his rear drive line.

This was the final hit. You did good Brandon!

Another highlight of our trip was meeting my parents newest stray pet. This guy showed up at their house the week before us. Taylor and I enjoyed taking him for long walks every morning. Don't let the picture fool you he is no angel. He usually was doing this.......trying to bite the camera out of your hand. Hopefully he stops chewing up everything in sight or else I fear for his future at the Rodeback residence.
The visits never seem long enough but we did have a great time.

06 August 2009


My wife has informed me that we can no longer continue in this lie. These dogs are not ours. She has always wanted a great dane and we wanted to live this fantasy. Friends in our ward have these dogs and we took them for a walk and took some pictures. I hope I have not betrayed your trust. Thank you.

05 August 2009


Those of you that know Melissa know that she wants to get a dog. Not only a dog, but a horse dog, otherwise known as a great dane. I have been reluctant to give in, but the other day I could not resist. A couple in our ward have two great danes and they are no longer able to care for the dogs. After much debating Melissa won and we decided to take in these two dogs. We will see how it goes, but one thing is for sure they are adorable. (and huge)