27 February 2010


I hate to make a post and bump pics of my adorable child, but this post had to be made. Brent Brown says he will bend over backwards, but why do I feel like the one that is bent over backwards?? Melissa and I bought a ford escape almost 2 years ago from Brent Brown Ford in Provo. We absolutely love the car, but the service at Brent Brown is terrible. We loved our sales agent Annie, but the rest of the people were dishonest and down right rude. Our interest rate on the car was 9% and that was with both of us having credit scores around 800. When we bought the car we were also told that we will receive free tires when they need to be replaced. This, of course, is only if we do our oil changes in Provo. The last time I did the oil change they didn't do it right so oil was leaking all over and I had to take it back in. We just went Friday and our oil is leaking again. We did the 15,000 mile check up and it was supposed to cost $180. They also said that our 30,000 mile check up will cost $750. Am I in the wrong business??? Love real estate, but $750 for an oil change and check up sounds delightful. Needless to say I love my ford escape, but will never go back to Brent Brown Ford. I will just buy the tires on my own.

I hope this post will satisfy my anger because I really don't want to go down to Brent Brown Ford and hold a sign for days saying SHAME ON BRENT BROWN FORD!

24 February 2010


We have survived the first two weeks- actually Graham has done more in surviving his parents-and we are happy to say he sleeps at night for about three hour intervals. It is amazing to watch how he changes day to day. My friend and her husband came over and took these pictures for us. Graham's first photo shoot was pretty smooth-Thanks Kaley and Johnny! We owe you.

11 February 2010


Yes we are those annoying parents that post lots of pics of their children. Let's be honest though. With a face like this we have to show the world.

09 February 2010


Graham Rexal Nelson was born Feb. 8th, 2010 weighing in at 8 lbs 1 oz. He was 22 inches long. Things went very smooth throughout the day. Melissa had some labor pains in the morning and still attended her painting class. We checked in at 1 pm and the baby was born at 8:47 pm. Melissa didn't enjoy the first hour or so, but after the epidural she was all smiles. She even allowed us to watch a little of the bachelor!!! The pictures aren't the best and were all taken right when he was born so we will try and post some new ones later. Melissa and baby are doing very well.