18 December 2009


So we decided to help out our bathroom because it was in need of help. The linoleum was disgusting and it just needed a little make over.

We painted the vanity and had Lowes install tile.

We think it looks great. The only problem is the tile is too high and the door won't go on. We asked before they started and they said it won't be a problem. Now it is our problem. We asked and called and Lowes pretty much said deal with. Who needs privacy in a bathroom anyway??!!!

05 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Taylor and I like to joke about how we are "training for the Biggest Loser". We've both put on a few pounds since getting married (sad, but it's true) so it was easy for us to decide that this year for Halloween we would represent the black team from the show. We invited some friends over to help us eat carb-loaded treats and a spooky good time was had by all. Here are just a few pics from the night:

The Caneparis never dissappoint. Loved the shirts and Joe, the hair is still making me smile.
The cutest little witch on the block. Stella helped us pass out treats to the few kids we had stop at our house.
Kristina,... I mean Lady Gaga. Always a good time.

Nick wowed us all with his Wonder Woman get-up. Definitely the winner of best costume if you ask us.

Tara and Kristen stopped by with Nick. Their costumes were so cool- the pictures don't show even half of the details.

Buck and Suzie- another adorable witch.

Stacy and Taylor- our cool hippies

We started the night with a quick trip to see Brett and Sarah's kiddos costumes. I had to include this shot because I thought it was cute.

Thanks to everyone for making Halloween 2009 a success. We're already looking forward to 2010!

20 October 2009


So many years back we had a writing contest about a German Soldier. The winner was non other than American Icon Bret Lehnhof. Bret has a great style of writing and I think has a gift. Here is his poem


In 1944, an American boy set off to war.

He barely knew what he was fighting for.

Before he left his best friend have him advice-

"Beware of German Soldiers- They are cold as ice."

With these words passing through his head

The american boy conceitedly said

"A German Soldier is no match for me-

I'm strong, a clydesdale, tough-you'll see."

Separated from his troop the boy shook with fright.

23, lonely, he'd never been in a fight.

Off through the trees he heard a low groan.

Someone was desperate with pain-another moan.

The good hearted boy went to the rescue.

He found a wounded German soldier laying helpless-black and blue.

The soldiers shiny curved out helmet perched on his desperate head.

He had been shot in the chest and left for dead.

The compassionate American boy rushed to his side.

"I'm not armed, please help me!" the soldier lied.

The American boy watched blood ooze from his chest.

The soldier deceitfully said "Here put pressure on my breast."

His hand left the trigger and touched the hurt man.

The touch felt good to the soldier, it was part of his plan.

The soldier rolled to the side and grabbed his gun.

A surprised look came over the boy for he knew he was done.

There are two morals to this story- plain and clear.

The first is listen to your friends, and you should not fear.

The second moral is a bit harder to realize.

If you touch a German soldier it will be your demise.

15 October 2009

Annual Loop

Fall is my favorite season and each year I greatly anticipate driving the Alpine Loop. Each year I try to calculate when the best time for viewing will be. Last year we were a little early and saw mostly yellow. So this year I tried to hold out a little longer- unfortunately giving a few wintry storms the chance to rush the color change. We still had a great drive and saw some orange and red where leaves were still hanging on. Love fall!

Heading up American Fork Canyon- most of the good colors were in the lower elevation.

Pretty bare up top but Aspens are still interesting to look at if you ask me.

Here's to next years calculations and hopefully more vibrant pictures.

04 October 2009

Lake Powell

We have begun to realize that in a few short months our ability to just pack up and take off on a vacation will dramatically change. However, that has not stopped us from enjoying what time we have left. So last weekend the Nelsons packed up and headed to Lake Powell by way of St George and Las Vegas! Taylor is a big fan of the musical Aida, which was playing at Tuachan, so we made our first stop in St George where we met up with the Moss and Lund families. The play was done very well and the weather was perfect for the event. Then we headed off to Las Vegas to visit the Jensens. They were great hosts and showed us a grand time bowling and eating some of the best Mexican food ever. While in Vegas we made a quick stop at my favorite clothing store H&M. None of my clothes fit right now and I wasn't planning on buying anything but I still had to make the stop. To my shock H&M carries maternity clothes! I was in heaven to say the least and had to pick up a few tops. We also picked out Baby Nelson's first H&M outfit- which made me feel like such a good mother. Next we were off to Lake Powell thanks to a gracious invitation from the Rasmussens to stay with them for a few days on their houseboat. Food, sun, play dough pictionary, beautiful surroundings and great company- we had a delightful time! I finally remembered my camera at this point so enjoy a few pictures.
We took an early morning ride through very calm waters to tour some of the lake's treasures like Rainbow bridge, Temple Music, Hole in the Rock, etc.

Jody looking radiant as the sun was rising.

Rainbow bridge. It is amazing what water flow and time can create. The pictures don't do it justice.

Not looking our best. Fortunately the bridge was on:-)
Bz and Jode

I didn't spend a lot of time in the water after this little friend surfaced to say Hi. What else is down there I wondered.

More beautiful scenery. We saw a lot in our nine hour tour that day- it was wonderful!

Deuce took a refreshing dip from a cliff during our lunch stop. Crazy!
I have to say I'm happy to be home but glad that we are able to do so many fun activities. We know it's not the end of the world to have a child but for know we'll keep living each day like it's our last. What's next?!

17 September 2009

We're seeing BLUE!

We had our twenty week ultrasound today and after about fifteen minutes of the baby not cooperating we finally got a good look at the lower half. It's a BOY and I think he's so cute. It is a relief to finally see him and see that all appendages, heart, brain, eyes, lips, etc. look healthy and normal. Taylor is obviously relieved and excited and I now have confirmation on what I thought it would be all along. They did move my due date to February 8th from the 4th but what's a few days- I'm sure when the time comes they will feel like a lot!


03 September 2009


For those of you that don't know tennis is my passion!!!!! In honor of the start of the US Open in New York I decided to wear a US Open outfit. I think I look great, but I might be biased. 1 year ago Melissa and I were able to attend and yes we were able to see my true love play. That would be Serena Williams.

21 August 2009

Grant County Fair

Last week the Nelson's headed to Washington for the annual Grant County Fair. I have enjoyed this event so many times in the past I couldn't let another year go by without it. It's really nothing special, as you will see in the pictures below, but country folk like myself are easy to please.

Taylor was designated 'single rider' and went on anything the kids wanted. I think he had more fun then they did too. He rode the slide at least ten times.

Camrie, Taylor, Jessica, Bryden, Samantha, and Mikayla on the carousel.

After a few rides we toured through the livestock barns. Taylor met some friends along the way. This one made my mouth water- I love ham!

This one tried to lick Taylor's face right after I shot the pic. A little too friendly for us.

The girls talked Camrie into riding the Tidal Wave. She spent the whole ride inside Samantha's armpit. Maybe we'll try again next year.

My favorite ride at any carnival is the Zipper. I am unable to ride rides right now (wait for future post) so Taylor stepped up for me on this one. Kayley, Kelsey, Sam and Taylor had a great ride.
Taylor enjoying his first ever Spaceburger, a hamburger made like a pizza pocket. Unfortunately the combination of spaceburgers, the zipper and the fact he's getting a little older left him wanting to die for a good portion of the night.

I did make it on one ride- the Ferris Wheel.

Another reason the fair is so exciting is that they have a demolition derby. My brother Brandon has participated in it numerous times and it always delivers a good time. He was chosen to drive the flag in at the opening- the car looked great and at this point was unscratched. Too bad it doesn't last.
Waiting to be let loose on the other thirty or so cars. Brandon is such a mild mannered guy, but get him behind the wheel of a demo car and he became an animal! He got some great hits in before another car took out his rear drive line.

This was the final hit. You did good Brandon!

Another highlight of our trip was meeting my parents newest stray pet. This guy showed up at their house the week before us. Taylor and I enjoyed taking him for long walks every morning. Don't let the picture fool you he is no angel. He usually was doing this.......trying to bite the camera out of your hand. Hopefully he stops chewing up everything in sight or else I fear for his future at the Rodeback residence.
The visits never seem long enough but we did have a great time.