17 September 2009

We're seeing BLUE!

We had our twenty week ultrasound today and after about fifteen minutes of the baby not cooperating we finally got a good look at the lower half. It's a BOY and I think he's so cute. It is a relief to finally see him and see that all appendages, heart, brain, eyes, lips, etc. look healthy and normal. Taylor is obviously relieved and excited and I now have confirmation on what I thought it would be all along. They did move my due date to February 8th from the 4th but what's a few days- I'm sure when the time comes they will feel like a lot!


03 September 2009


For those of you that don't know tennis is my passion!!!!! In honor of the start of the US Open in New York I decided to wear a US Open outfit. I think I look great, but I might be biased. 1 year ago Melissa and I were able to attend and yes we were able to see my true love play. That would be Serena Williams.