15 April 2010

Two Month Stats

Graham had his two month check-up today with Dr Bean. He's 24 inches long and weighing in at somewhere between 13 and 14lbs. He was struggling to hold still so that's why the weight is a range. Both are in the 95th percentile. I don't remember his head measurement but it was 75th percentile. All is well with him and from the picture it looks like he's already forgotten the three shots he also received. Now if only mom could forget!

11 April 2010

Graham's Blessing

We have absolutely loved having Graham in our lives. He has been a great start to our little family. He has been kind enough to sleep well, eat well, and cry only when he really needs something. Taylor and I don't sleep as much as we used to and we both have to think of someone else before ourselves but really isn't it about time. We had his blessing over General Conference weekend and it was great. I was fortunate to have all of my family present. Taylor gave Graham a sweet blessing and we stayed with Graham Rexal Nelson. Rexal was my Grandpa Rodeback's name and even though I never knew him I grew up hearing stories about him and what a great man he was. Unfortunately my camera spent the whole night in the diaper bag so I don't have any pictures of the whole group who attended the blessing. Hopefully I can steal one from Grandpa Nelson or Aunt Christie soon and I will post them.

I'm still not sure who Graham looks more like. Right after he was born he had a strong resemblance to some of Taylor's baby pictures but I found one of my baby pictures that looks more like him now that he's older. I guess it's a good mix. At least one thing's for sure- G-Rex is handsome! We have a two month check-up this week and I'm looking forward to seeing how big he's grown. He changes so fast!
Oh how we love our little man!