13 February 2008

January 25th... E-day!

Whenever someone gets engaged one of the first questions asked by others is 'how'd he do it?' Well, I've told this story many, many times. This is how it went down. Early in the week Taylor mentioned that his friends Richard and Amanda wanted to go to dinner with us and that they had chosen the Melting Pot. I was very excited because I have wanted to go there since it was built years ago. Taylor told me I would owe him my life because for various reasons (one involving death) he was not as interested in the restaurant. So, Friday rolled around and we were wasting time at Taylor's waiting to leave to the restaurant when he mentioned he had been bored that day and made a slide show of pictures on his Wii. He said I could watch it as long as I didn't cry. Easy for me, I don't cry. So, Taylor started the slideshow and the song So Close from the movie Enchanted (our recent favorite) accompanied it. It was very sweet. Pictures of our trip to Cali and Washington popped up as well as shots from our visit to Midway last fall and the Alpine Loop. It was a great montage of our year of dating. Then a picture popped up that had written on it I love you and Marry Me. I was a little shocked and in disbelief so the first words out of my mouth were 'Are you kidding me!?' He didnt' really respond because he was in the process of getting down on his knee to officially ask. I don't think I have to tell you but I said yes... well yelled it really. The experience was and always will be very special to me. Afterwards, Taylor informed me that he had called my dad during the week to ask permission. We spent the next two hours calling family and friends to announce our engagement and then had a very yummy meal at Melting Pot.(I guess I do owe him my life!)

In the beginning...

Since this is a new blog for us, I think it only appropriate to start at the begining. The begining of TNels and Mels. In the spring of 2006 I was returning to Utah from living in New York and, after a lot of looking, decided to settle at Stillwater apartments in Murray. At the time I didn't know I was moving into an area without a single adult ward. That meant I was 'graduating' early to the family ward! I hated my life! I tried to attend different wards but other Bishop's wouldn't take my records. So I succumbed (with a feeling I knew it was where I should be) and began to get more involved in my ward. It was a few months later that I met and began to work with Vickie A. in the Relief Society. One day she called me and asked if she could give my number to a son of one of her friends. I agreed. It was not the first blind date this ward had produced for me. Why not. I think it was a week or two before Taylor called and we set up a date. I was spending the weekend in Seattle with my parents and returned home a day earlier than planned which allowed for us to go out February 12th. I was nervous- as always when you have no idea who will be showing up at your door. I remember the relief I had when I opened my door and found a tall and cute guy waiting there. We went to dinner at Rumbi Grill and then a movie-Catch and Release. I had enjoyed the evening but didn't think anything would come of it. I remember talking to a friend that night and telling her I thought we would maybe be good friends but that's all. (I have to remind Taylor of this from time to time just because) The next day at work I received a text from Taylor thanking me for the night and suggesting we go out again. I agreed and before the date was over I knew I was interested. Now, one year later, we're engaged and our story is still just beginning.