23 January 2010

Ready, set..... wait!

It has become very clear to me in the later stage of this pregnancy that I am not a patient person. At our weekly doctor visit we were told for a second time that nothing was happening by way of dilation or upcoming labor in any form. Not only that but my doctor has now changed his mind that our due date really should have been the 8th (instead of the 4th) and that he wouldn't consider inducing me for at least a week after that! I know I'm new to this pregnancy thing but I think babies should come when mom is ready. I have been very lucky to not have complications or terrible morning sickness. The only real gripe I have is that I've swollen up like a balloon. When I walk I can feel the fluid swishing in my feet. I thought my belly button popping in and out with coughs or sneezes was creepy- this is worse. I just hope that Graham will decide he's not as comfortable as he could be and finally commit to an escape. For now I've managed to direct my attentions to organizing and cleaning every closet, cupboard, or crevice in our house. Seems at least my nesting instinct is right on schedule. Here are a few pictures of Graham's room:
I made the wall art at my weekly painting class. They match the bedding.

The sock monkeys were from one of our many baby showers. People are so generous- we received a lot of great gifts.

Not my best picture by far but at this point it's hard to care. The bump!

Taylor's nesting instinct has kicked in as well- thus we are installing a bathroom in our basement. More on this to come.

04 January 2010


So early January means there will be lots of new tv shows starting. I am thrilled that The Bachelor is starting tonight, but I am even more thrilled about a new show called Conveyor Belt of Love. It starts tonight on ABC.

•The Bachelor isn't tacky enough for you? Then try ABC's companion piece Conveyor Belt of Love (10 ET/PT), which combines flash dating with one of those grab-your-food-fast sushi belts. Thirty men speed by on a belt, while five women pick and swap. And people say romance is dead.

Please tune in so I am not the only one watching tonight!!!!