20 April 2009


For those of you that say there isn't Heaven on earth you are mistaken. I had a little piece of that so called Heaven on April 14th of this year. That's right kids I saw BRITNEY SPEARS live in concert. I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life. No offense Melissa. I have been a fan of Britney's since the beginning. Jason and I have followed her for years and have even written her letters. Don't judge.

The opening act for Britney was the PCDs or for those of you not cool enough to know who that is the Pussy Cat Dolls. They looked great and danced ok, but didn't compare to Britney.
Here is a pic of Melissa and I waiting in line in the rain. Worth it!!!!

Melissa and Kristina excited for the big show!!!

Kristina workin it in her beautiful snuggie. Normally I say don't judge, but how can you not???

Jason, Dalphna, and their beautiful daughter.

The concert was amazing! The only complaint I had were the girls behind us that spilled their beer all over Melissa's coach purse (ok $25 coach purse from NY) and Kristina's snuggie. I wasn't very happy with the purse getting wet, but when you involve a snuggie I had to step in. I had to turn around and let the girls know that it wasn't funny!!!!
If you are sad you weren't at the concert you should be. Luckily I have some clips from the concert. There were some other ones I wanted to post, but decided to keep it super classy. I hope you enjoy!!!

Pussy Cat Dolls

08 April 2009


For those of you that don't like 12 year old girls, the David Archuleta Concert was not for you. The other night I went to the concert with my mother, my dad, and Julie Ulrich. Melissa gracefully declined the invitation. I know what you are thinking. She missed out!!!! And yes she did.

David had two different acts perform before he went on. In between acts, fans (mainly younger girls) spotted teen heart throb sensation and borderline superstar David Osmond. I have seen David perform as Joseph at Tuacahn and let's just say he is even more impressive in person. Ok I am not being honest. It was a little annoying to see a hundred girls get pictures taken with him while security finally had to stop everyone. What a fire hazard. It was especially annoying because I doubt most of them even knew he was an Osmond or who he was.

The night finished as Murray Superstar David performed for atleast a solid hour and brought down the house. There were tears, there were laughs, and there was especially good times had by all!!!
I am so proud to be from Murray right now. Not only because it is centrally located in the valley, but because of our own David Archeleta!!!