19 February 2009

Serious about oral hygiene

As I was cleaning the bathroom this morning I realized this. Can anyone tell me why two people need, count em, five toothbrushes?

15 February 2009

Happy Valentines

This is what happens when you don't start trying to get a reservation for Valentine's dinner until three days before. We hit up the local Kentucky Fried Chicken- buffet style! It was good eatin and there's nothing better than gazing into your Valentine's eyes over a whole chicken carcass. As you can see Taylor demonstrating, it was 'finger licking good'.

Taylor made these chocolate strawberries. They were meant to satisfy my love of the Cummings version and ended up being very good. He is quite the little Martha when he tries.

I borrowed an idea from Erin and gave Taylor a jar of 'Why I love you' notes. It was a little on the cheesy sentimental side but I enjoyed making it and hopefully Taylor will see that I do appreciate him.

For my gift Taylor bought us new hardware for our kitchen cabinets. Just a little change to update the kitchen and I love them.


...after. What do you think?

Taylor also surprised me with these beautiful lilies.
We hope you all had a great Valentines Day.

09 February 2009


Taylor and I headed south this last weekend to visit Spencer, Ashley and Sophie. We had a great time seeing the sights and offerings of the great city of Lubbock. The Texas Nelsons were fabulous hosts-

Taylor and Sophie had fun playing together.
Ashley invited me along to her monthly card-making class. It was lots of fun and I think my cards turned out pretty well.
We had our first Texas sized meal at Rudy's. BBQ brisket, turkey and sausage! I was in heaven and I'm pretty sure Taylor was too. If you ever visit Texas- don't miss the opportunity.

During our tour of the surrounding areas of Lubbock we came across these two houses. They are part of Ransom Canyon- a delightful neighborhood that surrounds a lake. The one below actually stands on three metal legs. Pretty interesting architecture.

We hit a Texas Tech basketball game on our last night. Tech was able to defeat Baylor in the final few minutes of the game. I think the Nelsons were good luck.

The WNBA's biggest fan and his woman Sheryl Swoops.
A friend at work told me I had to return with a jar of cotton. So here we are stealing, I mean, gathering our loot. I have just noticed I stepped in a huge muddy mess. I went the rest of the ride without shoes.

My favorite part of Texas are the wind turbines. I think they are so cool! In some parts of the state you can pass fields with hundreds of them. It is quite a sight. Lubbock had about five.

Spencer, Ashley, Taylor and I visited the Lubbock Temple while Sophie had a play date. We performed some ordinance work and then were able to tour the rest of the temple. I love to see the unique architecture and decor of temples whenever I can. The Lubbock Temple was very beautiful and we enjoyed the opportunity to go. (Yes, even Taylor!)

Another place you have to visit when in Texas- Freebirds. They have the best burritos- enough said.
Lubbock was the hometown of the great Buddy Holly. So we made a quick stop to honor him and pose next to his glasses. Moment of silence please.... okay.

Overall it was fun to see where Spencer, Ashley, and Sophie live. We saw Spencer's Law school, met a lot of their friends and decided Lubbock is a pretty nice place to visit. Thanks for having us!