23 February 2011

Graham at 1!

I can't believe it's been a year since Graham joined us. Who knew that keeping time by when the next feeding is due or when the next nap would be would pass the time twice as fast. Graham started out at 8 pounds and 22 inches and now is 23 pounds and 32 inches. He is so close to walking and loves to do anything we say 'no' to. He waves 'bye', blows kisses and says 'moo'. We are very proud parents and love him so much!
Graham celebrated year 1 with just a few tastes of his blue cake. Amazingly after spending three hours in his digestive system the blue cake was just as bright when Graham puked it up all over our bed. Thanks to Ashley for making the cute hat.

The birthday balloon. This balloon went with him everywhere on his day.

Graham has been miserable in his rear-facing seat so we decided on his birthday he would no longer have to suffer. Graham now gets to see where he's going rather than where he's been. He loves it!
Well, one down....

11 February 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas season this year. We spent time with family, saw David Archuleta with MoTab, and visited Christmas Utah a record 4 times! I wish I had taken more pictures of all the fun- like Graham starring as Baby Jesus in the family nativity, or my kitchen after making 5 batches of salsa for gifting. It looked like something out of a horror flick.
I was worried that Graham's curiosity would lead to prematurely opened gifts and a fell Christmas tree but he was an angel! He had more fun trying to climb on the gifts then see what was inside and not once did he touch the tree. Maybe next year I guess.
Christmas morning- I love that Graham and Elmo have the same facial expression. Not too shabby on gifts, I guess he made the right side of the list.
It didn't take long for Graham to figure out how to rip the paper off the gifts. He would let out the most adorable squeal when he got a glimpse of the gift. So cute!