23 March 2009

Spring Yard Work

Last week our neighbors emerged from their winter hibernation and spent the whole day trimming the trees in front of their house. It gave "us" (loose term meaning me forcing Taylor to participate) the idea that it was time for our two front trees to be trimmed as well. So Saturday we got up early, and with a cell phone handy in case of the accidental loss of a member, fall, or case of a nasty sliver, we gave it a shot. It must have looked precarious because we had multiple offers from the rest of the neighborhood to help or loan us tools. One generous man offered to help us with his chainsaw. We agreed so he went to get it. He forgot that it was left at his work site in Park City so instead he came around the corner carrying his back up:Don't let the picture fool you. It was at least 18 inches long. For the next thirty minutes I watched in awe as our neighbor was able to cut through five inch logs with one swing of the arm. I wish I had taken a picture of him. It was impressive. I did manage to get a picture of Taylor posing with his trusty tool.

We would have finished the event today if not for the four inches of snow Spring has sent our way. Oh well, we still have a lot of trimming left to do but just so you all know we are fully stocked on firewood- let's go camping!

10 March 2009

Made me smile

I had my semi-annual check-up with the dentist a few days ago and had the following conversation:

Dr P- "Your teeth are so rounded and plump I would say you have either Asian or Native American blood in you."

Okay, so I might have thought my dentist was getting a little too close to the nitrous oxide or that he was crazy to think that a six foot, fair skinned, light haired lady would have either of those blood lines in her. However, thanks to some dedicated family historians I was able to reply...

Mels- "Actually, my genealogy has been traced back to Pocahontas."

So thanks to you Great, Great, Great, Great.....(x7) Grandma Pocahontas. You gave me my teeth and they are healthy and beautiful.

03 March 2009


For those of you that don't watch the Bachelor you are missing out!!! Last night was the finale where Jason Mesnik (hobbit look a like from Lord or the Rings) had to choose between two beautiful, classy, young women. Of course ABC had to have Deanna return from last season of the Bachelorette. Of course Deanna said she made a huge mistake and wanted Jason back. What a whirlwind!!!! And this happened just minutes before Jason had to choose between Molly and Melissa. Although really stupid, Jason didn't even blink an eye or even respond to the ridiculous comment.

At the finale rose ceremony Jason then proposed to Melissa and said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. I personally loved Melissa and am not ashamed to admit that I even cried. Then something unthinkable happened on the after show. Jason told Melissa that things were "different" and that he didn't want to marry her. He then had Molly come in and tell her that he was no longer engaged to Melissa and that he couldn't stop thinking of her. He then asked Molly to give him another chance. Molly had a confused look for a few minutes. After thinking she finally smiled and they began to makeout. So romantic and yes this was the most dramatic rose ceremony yet. Who would have thought???
The best part of the show is how Jason made all these decision with his little sidekick Ty! What a great dad Jason is!!! Do I hear a Father of the Year award in the future?

So I guess I am a little upset that Jason was such a complete idiot. I guess it is making a little more sense why his first wife left him. I also feel terrible for Melissa, but know she is better for not being with someone who can't make up his mind.


My dear friend Heather told me that I remind her of American Idol Superstar Norman Gentle. Thanks for the compliment Heather!