10 December 2010

November 2010

Graham is now ten months old but in November he had his 9 month check-up. Here are the stats- Height 31+ inches. Weight 21 lbs. He finally welcomed his first tooth after what seems like never ending teething, is crawling and getting into all sorts of mischief, and now stands himself up to anything that's stationary. He also gives the best little open mouth kisses which are really more like a lick! While he is still totally a mama's boy Graham is becoming more attached to Taylor. Our office door doesn't shut tight and Graham loves to barge his way in to play. It sometimes makes it hard for Taylor to work but it's cute to watch.
We spent Thanksgiving in Washington with my family. I had to add this picture. Do you think we like soda!? I'm always joking about how the Rodebacks wake up with a pop in their hands. Well, here is proof. We all took turns going 'to town' for refills. Graham's first Thanksgiving complete with Lime Pear Jello. Yum! Just hanging out. I love going home because we just relax and enjoy doing nothing. Graham spent hours playing with his cousins and Grandpa. Taylor spent as much time possible watching football and I got in a few games of Clue, Life, and Yahtzee. We also had family pictures taken so I'll post some when we get them back.
These are just a few more fun pictures of Graham from this month.

I absolutely love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Graham will come to know it well since I watch it every year around Halloween. I can't wait til he can sing along... this is halloween.... this is halloween.... everybody scream!