05 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Taylor and I like to joke about how we are "training for the Biggest Loser". We've both put on a few pounds since getting married (sad, but it's true) so it was easy for us to decide that this year for Halloween we would represent the black team from the show. We invited some friends over to help us eat carb-loaded treats and a spooky good time was had by all. Here are just a few pics from the night:

The Caneparis never dissappoint. Loved the shirts and Joe, the hair is still making me smile.
The cutest little witch on the block. Stella helped us pass out treats to the few kids we had stop at our house.
Kristina,... I mean Lady Gaga. Always a good time.

Nick wowed us all with his Wonder Woman get-up. Definitely the winner of best costume if you ask us.

Tara and Kristen stopped by with Nick. Their costumes were so cool- the pictures don't show even half of the details.

Buck and Suzie- another adorable witch.

Stacy and Taylor- our cool hippies

We started the night with a quick trip to see Brett and Sarah's kiddos costumes. I had to include this shot because I thought it was cute.

Thanks to everyone for making Halloween 2009 a success. We're already looking forward to 2010!