28 July 2008

Addition to the Nelson Family!

First comes love... then comes marriage.... then comes the baby SUV in the garage!
Not quite how we used to sing it when I was younger but exciting nonetheless. This past weekend we made our first big purchase as co-owners of a Ford Escape. It's pretty! Taylor has known the Protege would not make it through another winter with us- pause for tears- so we did some research and decided the Escape was for us. After a grueling three and a half hours at the dealership we brought our baby home. Now begins the struggle of sharing!

27 July 2008

Crystal Hot Springs

We recently spent a night under the stars at Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville, Utah. We tried out our new tent which was a good home for one night. However it may need to be upgraded sooner than later- neither one of us could lay completely straight in it.

Kristina was the only person brave enough to get into the pool. Looks like nice water but you can't see the bugs, sludge and ick floating around in it. To this day she is still disease free- wonder woman!

Taylor's favorite memory of Crystal Hot Springs is getting his family's van stuck in the mud while off-roading. This is another, fishing for crawdads. So we spent some time dangling our tin foil dinners into the creek below camp. No success. (Sorry for the PG-13 pic)

Adam and Kristina at camp with their mansion of a tent behind them. We had a great time with the Pulsiphers.

Taylor provided some entertainment with glo-sticks. Who knew even adults could find hours of enjoyment with them. They were still glowing the next morning!

22 July 2008

Last week the Nelson men went face to face in a beard growing contest. Taylor was not the winner. In fact he bowed out a few days early shaving off all but his mustache. It was kind of cute at first and fun to see the looks he received- but now he won't get rid of it!
I'm not sure if he looks more like he's in protective custody, the guy from
Reno 911 or just some guy you
might see on 'To Catch a Predator'. Shave it or keep it....What do you think?

Love the Sun!

We recently returned from a Nelson family vacation (my first!) to Newport Beach and it was good times! We did it all- Disneyland, the beach, the Newport Temple, H&M and Knottsberry Farm. We also spent a great Sunday with Bev and Craig and some of their family. My memories- burying Seth and Tanner in the sand at the beach, Taylor and I being lazy sleeping in for as long as possible, the PinkBerry craze, swallowing at least 2 gallons of the ocean body boarding with Erin, cookie dough before bed nightly, and being the Great Dalmuti... or scum is probably more like it. Here are just a few pictures- I've realized I haven't been as good at taking pics on vacation as I used to. I'll work on that because these don't show how much fun we had. Thanks Bz and Jode! We had a fabulous time.